Simple garden kits that snap together without tools in just minutes.

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Green your city.

No Tools Required

Snap together in minutes without tools, screws or glues.

Designed for Cities

Designed to fit into small interior and exterior spaces.

Premium Eco-Materials

Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials.

AKER Distribution Network

Interested in wholesale prices or manufacturing AKER kits in your region?

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AKER is an open source hardware project.

AKER Kit Design Files

Our designs are openly licensed, meaning you can download, edit and make them for yourself. All you need is the files, some plywood, and a CNC router. We ask that you share the design changes you make back with our community.

Get the Source Files

*Get the files for free on GitHub.

Multiple File Formats

Get the right files for any software and CNC router package.

Simple & Standard

No complex components or processes, just standard sheet materials and a CNC router.

Fully Documented

Detailed, high standard assembly instructions are available for all AKER kits.

Free Beehive Design Pack

Download our Colorado Top Bar beehive file for free to check out what is provided.

A Global Network of Designers

AKER designs are developed by a global team of collaborators. We’re always looking for new people with design skills and new ideas to join the team. Click below to introduce yourself.

Design With Us
  • Tristan Copley-Smith

    London, UK

  • Aaron Makaruk

    Denver, USA

  • Shukry Sharby

    Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

  • Gustavo Garriaga

    El Paso, USA

  • Jon Minchin

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Gregoire Durrens

    Paris, France