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AKER WormHaus

by Gustavo Garriaga


The WormHaus is a compact vermicomposting system offering a systainable way to convert your food waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. Worms within the system process you organic scraps to nourish other plants and vegetables growing in your home.

The WormHaus can convert an amazing 3kg / 7lbs of food waste per week, making it perfect for small families and much more efficient than standard hot or cold composting systems. The kit comes with five stackable levels, allowing the system to expand and contract depending on how much waste is being created.

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3kg of Waste Per Week

Up to 3kg / 7lbs of food waste processed per week.

10 Minute Setup

Components snap together without tools or glues in 10 minutes or less.

M for Medium

Worm composting requires a little set up time and continued care.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get the WormHaus Source Files

Our designs are openly licensed, meaning you can download, edit and make them for yourself. All you need is the files, some plywood, and a CNC router. We ask that you share the design changes you make back with our community.

Get the Source Files

*Get the files for free on GitHub.