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by Ricardo Santo

The GroWall is a wall-mounted planter system perfect for growing herbs, flowers or other small plants. It consists of three planter modules [design has changed from the images] and a railing system that can be mounted in either an interior or exterior space. The planters are designed to easily slot in and out of the rails, making it simple to harvest herbs, or rest your plants in another part of your home.

Modules in the system are designed to distribute water down from bed to bed to make best use of water. The stacking system also creates a variety of shade between the levels, making the system appropriate of a variety of plant growing needs.

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3 Modules
The system has three removable levels for stackable growing.

5 Min Setup
Components snap together without tools or glues in 5 minute or less.

E for Easy
Depending on climate and soil, growing herbs and flowers can be very easy.

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Why is the GroWall different?
The GrowWall is a versatile system that can mount onto almost any wall. The removable, standalone modules are a unique feature, allowing users to separate the modules to move around the wherever they like.
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