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The EggHaus is a modern chicken coop designed to house up to two hens. The sturdy snap-fit design creates a protective and well ventilated shelter during the night, while the locking door gives the hens an easy exit and re-entrance during the day.

The EggHaus includes a roosting pole, open floor fertilising feature and raised nesting box, making it super easy to collect fresh eggs each morning. With your hens laying up to seven eggs per week, a full EggHaus will meet your breakfast needs.

Available in the U.S. / Canada / E.U.

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9 Eggs Per Week

With two laying hens, you can produce an average of 9+ eggs every week.

10 Minute Setup

Pieces snap together without tools or glues in 10 minutes or less.

E for Easy

Managing backyard chickens is very simple, fun and straight forward.

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Get the EggHaus Source Files

Our designs are openly licensed, meaning you can download, edit and make them for yourself. All you need is the files, some plywood, and a CNC router. We ask that you share the design changes you make back with our community.

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