Crediting Accomplishment

Crediting Accomplishment [Meta] (3)
Design Review: GroWall v0.5 [GroWall] (12)
Design Review: WormHaus v0.5 [WormHaus] (5)
Design Review: EcoHive v0.5 [EcoHive] (7)
Design Review: EggHaus 0.6 [AKER Kits] (13)
Design Review: Raised Plant Bed [Uncategorized] (5)
Designer Agreement Points [Uncategorized] (29)
Design Review: Compost Cube [Uncategorized] (35)
AKER Map Development [AKER Map] (44)
AKER Hacking Ideas [Uncategorized] (8)
CnC for Sketchup [CNC Routing] (1)
AKER Prototypes Ready to Go! [Uncategorized] (4)
Tutorial: Exporting Files From Github [CNC Routing] (1)
Avoiding Splines When Exporting Files [CNC Routing] (3)
Introduce Yourself! [Uncategorized] (13)
Design Review: Chicken Coop [Uncategorized] (34)
CI library on github instead of GDrive documents and folders [Meta] (5)
Welcome to the AKER Forums [Uncategorized] (2)
Design Review: EcoHive First Design [EcoHive] (9)
Tutorial: Preparing a DXF File for Routing [CNC Routing] (4)
Design File Preparation Guidelines [CNC Routing] (9)
Design Review: Balcony Plant Bed [Uncategorized] (12)
Design Review: Wall Planter [Uncategorized] (10)
Tolerances: Tests and References [CNC Routing] (4)
Mycelium Biofabrication [Uncategorized] (5)
AKER Material Selection [Uncategorized] (3)
Design Review: Garden Plant Bed [Uncategorized] (5)
Design Review: BioBed [Uncategorized] (9)
Gardening Techniques & Philosophies [Uncategorized] (3)
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